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Our portfolio covers a range of cool services across a range of disciplines, each held
to the highest creative and qualitative standards.

Strategic & Creative Direction

Every brilliant innovation is simply a response to a human annoyance – sliced bread, the bank card, seedless grapes. And thoroughly investigating a system to isolate the fundamental challenge is an important part in achieving a progressive solve. That’s why we do more listening than talking, and why research makes up the foundation of our problem-solving process. There onwards, the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team takes the concept home with a solid, inventive idea, followed by a thoughtful 360 execution strategy, from conception to implementation.

Digital & Social Media

The internet is sometimes fairly to blame for some strange & confusing trends. So we wouldn’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed by the fleeting pace of it all. Our team is young, we always have our pulse on current affairs and we understand how to utilise the many digital tools available in the market to best serve your objectives. Our services include website development, daily social media management, as well as digital content curation across all platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc).

Content Production

Our approach to content is rooted in the idea that marketing is, at its core, simply sharing a sincere connection with someone. And we are never more connected to people/things than when we understand their story. Experienced in the fields of conventional adverts, documentary, short film, music videos and digital visualization, there isn’t a challenge that our complete team of production professionals – scriptwriters, line-producers, DOPs & camera grips, editors and animators – cannot conquer with powerful and compelling storytelling.


What you say is important. But we also understand that how you say it is often more important. Not everyone can be Shakespeare but we think we come pretty close. Whether you are looking communicate your message through advertising copy, treatments, corporate profiles & presentations, web & digital copy, or scripts (across all mediums), we’ve got you.

Audio Production

Our in-house audio facility, managed by award-winning engineers and producers, is where good projects go to become great ones. Whether it’s a sonic or visual undertaking, the CO4LITION studio is geared to service mixing & mastering, music recording, voice-over work, and music scoring (for shows/visual content).

Events & Activations

In an age of instantaneous consumption, we pride ourselves in conceptualising and curating experiences that truly engage audiences and leave a long-lasting impact. With a proclivity for attention to detail and some of the most technically sound minds in the game, all our experiences marry purpose with innovation.

Media Space

Whether you need to make a big deal of an exciting campaign, looking to promote your event or festival, or an artist who is taking their career to the next level, our network of billboards across South Africans, as well as sought after premium advertising space located in Time Square, New York City, is at your disposal. Let us know what you’re working on and we will assist in making a mark, without burning too many holes in your wallet.


Because creativity is lateral and the means through which we communicate it are ever-evolving, not everything can be defined by an existing structure, medium or label. Helping to translate these abstract ideas, through unconventional and fluid means, is our superpower. If culture is what moves the people, we provide the rhythm they move to.