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The Idea

Develop an intimate network for local independent filmmakers and film lovers through sharing works and mobilizing information on the process of movie-making, in an effort to incrementally grow the industry as a whole.

The Approach

We tasked a new director at the time with writing and directing a short film around interpreting what he believed to be important themes in artist Shane Eagle’s debut album Yellow. Through this process, the director was exposed to every step of the filmmaking process from preproduction, filming as well as post-production.

The Execution

Director was paired with futuristic film production house CideFX, and with access to production resources, was able to shoot and complete the 7 minute short, titled VERTIGO. The short film screened for 2 dates at prominent Johannesburg independent cinema The Bioscope and received acclaim from multiple reputable publications including, Between 10 and 5 OkayAfrica and GQ.


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