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Unbreakable Stories

The Idea

Unbreakable Stories (The Event Experience)

The Execution
  • Partner with a person of public interest that best represents the “Unbreakable nature of cans”
  • Organise and execute an event that supports and/or celebrates the Unbreakable Character in a cans only environment.
The Job

Communicate the benefits of “Choosing Cans” when consumers make their beverage choices, while appealing to the emerging markets in South Africa.

The Approach

We took the approach of looking in to the intrinsic truth of the product (Cans) and draw similarities to young people in South Africa, in order to create a lifestyle around “Choosing Cans”. We found that the Unbreakable Nature of cans is a quality that we could expand on as a marketing concept.


Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!)