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Unbreakable Stories

The Job

Establishing the tradition of producing collector’s item limited edition cans for the subjects of CAN DO!’s Unbreakable Stories documentaries, we were tasked with interpreting the essence of each personality at the time of the campaign, and for each, procuring a design that would both look great and also communicate the brand’s innovative spirit.

The Approach

YoungstaCPT: Debuting at the launch for YoungstaCPT’s album 3T, this can would be a piece of memorabilia his fans would be able to take home. Borrowing from on the black and white theme of his promotional album colour-scheme, and the Arabic stylisation of his album title, for this particular design, simplicity was the resolution.

Busiswa: The choice of gold for this packaging speaks to Busiswa’s ‘QUEEN’ theme, which has been a thread in her music and her personal style since first exploding onto the scene. In the illustration, her hair serves as her crown. The collector’s edition can debuted to the public at the launch of her independent record label, aptly titled Her Majesty Music, which inspired us to encourage her to write a motivational message to her fans directly on the packaging. The text is designed in her actual handwriting, a personal touch we believe interpreted the sincerity of her

Muzi: The baby-blue colour scheme is inspired by the whimsical promotional artwork for Muzi’s Channel Blk tour. The technically sound line-illustration is based on the iconic ZENO album artwork and is hand-drawn from scratch to emphasize the detail.