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Think Future Billboards

The Idea

Secure 15 billboards across South Africa in high traffic locations. Keep the billboard creative simple, yet impactful through asking questions that force consumers to think.

The Job

Communicate the sustainability and recycling benefits of “Choosing Cans” when consumers make their beverage choices, while appealing to the emerging and current markets in South Africa.

The Approach

Our approach was to continue the pattern of asking hard hitting questions to public in the aim of getting people to arrive at the conclusion on their own that “Choosing Cans” is a way to better the environment around us. The pattern of asking these questions was a continuation of the way the ‘uMama” advert ends, keeping the golden thread alive through out the various properties of the THINK FUTURE campaign.

The Execution

We launched 15 billboards across JHB, CPT and PTA running for 3 months in high traffic areas.


Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!)