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Side Step x Adidas Originals

The Idea

The Sit Down (cultural exchange/experiential)

The Job

Creating awareness around the presence of Adidas Originals at Side Step - the pedestrian sneaker and sportswear branch of the Studio 88 group. Establishing the brand’s identity as the retail destination for the aspirational youth, as opposed to the niche appeal and relatively high price points of competitor retailers, through an influencer-centric campaign.

The Approach

• Identity market • Identify key influencers that speak to the values and intended market of the brand • Use the actual 4 Side Step retail spaces as activation venues, to introduce the location of the stores and drive foot traffic • Build store data base by encouraging patrons wanting the opportunity to attend sessions to register online • Create incentives for buying Adidas product from stores by increasing the chance to be selected for attendance upon presenting proof of purchase

The Execution

• Host intimate sessions at all Side Step stores where potential patrons could engage with product while participating in activities that speak to each influencer’s appeal • Identifying Shekhinah (musician), Austin Malema (award-winning photographer), DJ Speedsta (DJ & radio personality), and Ms Cosmo (DJ and radio personality) as campaign ambassadors, each were assigned a Side Step Store to headline • Over the course of 4 dates, each influencer appeared at their respective store destination, in Adidas Originals regalia and participated in a Q&A session with registered fans • After which, each member of the audience was allowed to present their work to the ambassador and receive guidance and advice on succeeding • Content: each session was filmed and lives on as a full length interview online, presented by Adidas


Side Step and Addidas