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Logo Design

The Job

After assisting in developing 2 marketing properties with our friends at largest can manufacturers in Africa, CAN DO!, namely, Unbreakable and THINK FUTURE, each entity required a visual stamp as impactful and iconic as the values they embody. We were tasked with creating these logos.

The Approach

Unbreakable: The UNBREAKABLE property is one charged with energy and youth, speaking primarily to those who are disrupting the order in an attempt to bring about positive change in whatever field or industry they happen to be involved in. It was important for this design to aesthetically be bold and vibrant. The ‘cracking’ on the edges of letters are a detail that additionally bring home the meaning of the word visually.

THINK FUTURE: Existing as a collaborative property, we knew that the THINK FUTURE logo would frequently appear next to other logos and types of branding. So it was important that visually, it would be easily to work with, not overly busy as not to encroach on any adjacent designs, but still be bold enough that it leaves an impact. The THINK FUTURE property also speaks to futurism and a progressive mindset, which we interpreted to mean: simplicity.


Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!)