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Keys Open Doors

The Idea

A nuanced, music-centric interview series chronicling beyond-the-surface learnings, insights and stories of contemporary African artists through both experiential and cinematic means

The Approach

The idea stemmed from the need in the market to address the following: • Inspire emerging talent through information as an accessible resource • Celebrate and boost esteem of African storytelling in inventive ways • Mobilize dialogue around pertinent cultural subject matter in the arts and business industries

The Execution

• For each instalment, a young film maker was paired with a musician to script and shoot a short film exploring the essence of the musician’s current work. • Fans were invited to RSVP via online link to an evening with the artist, at The Bioscope independent cinema. • On the evening, the audience was treated to a meticulously curated live experience involving the screening of the short film, as well as an interview where they were given the opportunity to engaged with the artist through conversation, merch and exclusive listenings. • Content: the short film run on circuit at The Bioscope for a limited amount of time


Keys Open Doors