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HYPE Magazine

The Idea & Approach

Documented while working on his sophomore album, ‘LEVELS’, the written and visual treatment for the cover story for this particular issue, which we also curated, reimagined iconic moments from historically controversial African leaders to punctuate AKA’s polarising ascension at the time. His newly signed then-deal with a premium vodka brand, also an element of the launch strategy, required a more sophisticated communication than what the HYPE brand usually did in the experiential space.

The Job

Launch and generate interest for the collector’s edition Feb-Mar ’14 issue of continental hip hop publication, HYPE MAGAZINE, featuring AKA

The Execution

• We took the editorial concept further by immortalising these photographs in the form of life-size canvases • These canvases exhibited at Coast Studios Art Gallery at an exclusive soirée attended by AKA, a handful of media and invited guests. • The signed one-of-one photographs were signed and sold to individuals via a silent auction; all proceeds went towards the AKA Education Fund. • Through Twitter, Instagram and the buzz generated from the media that was in attendance, the issue enjoyed robust talkability and a more profound significance because of its philanthropic extension, leading to increased magazine sales


Hype Magazine