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The Idea

Can are the most sustainable beverage packaging, thus creating a better imprint on our environment, which is better for our future generations. All of these concepts lead back to “Buying the planet some time, or buying the planet another day” which led us to developing the brand – DAY WATER.

We further built the message into the brand by numbering the cans from 1 – 60 since this is the time it takes to recycle a can back into another can and added the tagline “buy the planet a day” to each can design.

The Job

We were commissioned to create a brand for the first canned water solution in Africa.

The Approach

We took a holistic approach to the concept and built a brand idea based off the sustainability characteristics that a can holds as a packaging.


Chill Beverages & Nampak Bevcan

Awards & Nominations

Africa’s First Canned Water Solution